Monday, April 14, 2014

Run Tony Run

It's been a couple of months since my last blog. I've been working, churching ( yes, I made that word up but I wanted to keep with the ing theme), serving, mothering, studying and doing everything else that makes me wear this S on my chest. But if you have read any of my blogs then you're probably asking yourself, "well Tasha Mac, how is that any different from your normal routine?" I'm so glad you asked. I've been taking on a new venture as of lately. Yes, I have managed to fit another task into my already hectic, but busy life. However, this is so worth the additional energy I conjure up at the end of day when I get off work and then head over to the campaign's headquarters. 

If you haven't figured it out by now, I've been volunteering on a political campaign. To be exact, Councilman Tony T. Yarber is running for Mayor of the city of Jackson, MS. I'm usually a behind the scenes political junkie. However, when someone who has a vision I wholeheartedly believe in is right in my backdoor, it was time to not just tweet about it but be about it.  So then with all of that being said, who is Tony Yarber?  I can give you a well-thought out, political answer. However, that will not say anything about who he is. Councilman Yarber is a man of God, a husband, father, son, brother, friend, educator, servant of the people and leader of the leaders. I had the pleasure of walking alongside of him, his family, campaign staff and other volunteers in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Jackson. As I'm signing up parade goers for volunteer work, I see the cheers, the love and devotion the people have for the Councilman and his family. I kept hearing phrases such as " he's a good man, they are good people, great man of God, he is my former principal." I'm just taking it all in as I'm writing down names and thanking people for their support. But, that day I honestly said to myself, people really love and respect him. And more than that, they believe in him. The people of this city needs a mayor who they can truly relate to and one who has our best interest at heart. What makes me think he has our best interest at heart? I can hear it in his voice whenever he addresses a crowd of supporters. He delivers his messages without political, propaganda and agendas, but with sincerity, clarity, passion, conviction, grace, and more importantly humility. Last week while volunteering at the campaign headquarters, I met a young lady who began to tell me a story about how she became connected with the Councilman and his wife. She said some years ago her and her husband were living in a small town in Mississippi about two hours away from Jackson. They had lost a child. The Yarbers drove to the graveside service to be of service to the family in whatever way they were needed. She was telling me this story and she was still in awe over the servants hearts of the Yarbers and how they were there to help her and her family during such a difficult time. I thought that was awesome and one of the many reasons why this city needs him so much. I remember when Trayvon Martin was tragically killed in 2012, Councilman Yarber led rallies, marched and gathered supporters not just for Trayvon, but against the senseless killings that take place in our own communities and communities abroad. He didn't rally as a politician, he rallied as a father, as a black man who was once 17 years old. 

Why do I support Tony Yarber? As a single mom of four daughters, I have faced many hardships and challenges along the way. However, I believe Jackson is a great place to raise a family with morals, values and to be decent, productive citizens. It is important to me that my girls accomplish two tasks in life; first and foremost they must serve the Lord God with their whole hearts and minds and secondly they must get a good education. Tony Yarber has a plan for this city that will assist me in guiding them along the way. I believe in his vision for change because he is the change that I and so many others want to see. 

On April 22nd the voters of Jackson, MS will have the opportunity to vote for proven leadership that is Tony T. Yarber. 

I am not receiving any financial gain from this blog. This blog is the expressed written opinion of Tasha Mac. I was not asked by Tony Yarber or any member of his campaign staff to write this blog. This blog is intended to share my opinion of the candidate I support as the next mayor of the city of Jackson.